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Speak now. Green all over, filled with rivers and living organisms. Nature is surprising, breathtaking and is featured in our challenging new quizzes that will test your understanding of the environment.

Got your backpack of knowledge ready? Here we go. What are the three types of geological plate tectonic boundaries? When did life first appear on Earth? This is just a small part of the big picture featured in our quiz. Hit play and explore some more! Nature is full of many elements which humans are believed to have the power to control if they tap into their inner powers.

The quiz below is designed to show you what you can be able to control with your mind between fire, ice, Sample Question. Brown,beige, or gray. Do you have a hardy nature or a relaxed nature? Ignore them and go back to writing your essay. Just relax and ignore it, you'll get them later. Suck it up and walk away. Unit 8 Natural Selection Study Quiz.

Use this quiz to practice for the Unit 8 test on Natural Selection. You turn the thermostat up. You grow hair to insulate your head. You cozy up under a blanket with a warm cup of hot chocolate. You put on your coat. This quiz is meant to identify and differentiate between living Unit 5 The Natural World. Weather Quizzes. Plant Quizzes. Water Quizzes. Evolution Quizzes.

Ecosystem Quizzes. Season Quizzes. Flower Quizzes. Atmosphere Quizzes. Global Warming Quizzes.

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View All Science Quizzes. Create a quiz on Quiz Global and charge users to play, click here to find out more. Easy - 50 questions. Question Show All 1 A caracal is what type of animal? View More Science Quizzes. Colorado River. Sea turtle. General Sherman. Play Popular Multiple Choice Quizzes. Kids Cartoon Questions.

Famous Bands. Irish Driver Theory Test. Kids Identify The Animals. Car Logo Quiz. Know Your Football. Quiz Questions And Answers. Body Language Test. SuperHeroes Quiz. Human Body Muscles Test. Adverbs Multiple Choise Test. The Grand Canyon in Arizona was carved by which river? Which breed of bird was used in mines to detect dangerous gases?What does USB stand for when used to describe the connection standard used between computers and smartphones and their devices?

Paleozoic Ended around million years ago, Mesozoic ended around 65 million years ago and Cenozoic began around 65 million years ago and continues to the present.

20 Trivia Questions (Geography) No. 1

What was the first name of the American astronomer after whom the Hubble telescope was named? Bill Gates is famous for being one of the founders of Microsoft, but who was the other co-founder? Which famous American is generally credited with the invention of the bifocal spectacles? What was the name of the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the moon in ? What does GIF stand for, a type of compressed, static or animated image file? To download the science and nature quiz as a PDF contestant question paper, please click on the grey box below:.

Copper Silver is also sometimes added to the alloy, but the rose colour is gained by the addition of copper. The Beaufort Wind Force Scale ranges from zero up to which number, representing a hurricane?

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Which English scientist is credited as having invented the World Wide web in ? What name is given in mechanics to the pivot, point or support about which a lever turns? The parathyroid glands regulate the level of which mineral in the human body?

The French inventor Joseph-Marie Jacquard revolutionized the textile industry when he developed a programmable version of what type of machine in ? The chemical element fermium Fm was named after which Italian-American physicist? Which German mathematician, astrologer and astronomer defined three laws of planetary motion, describing the movement of planets around the sun? In which year did Yuri Gagarin become the first human to travel into outer space?

Which English inventor is best known for inventing the wind-up, or clockwork radio?

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Purple The paper comes in both red and blue — Neutral will always be purple. Universal indicator paper is different — this turns green in a neutral solution. The phenomenon of light changing direction when it passes through another medium is known as what?

quiz of 20 questions on nature with answers

What is the name of the order of insects that includes butterflies and moths? To download the science quiz as a PDF contestant question paper, with questions only plus spaces for contestant answers, please click on the grey box below:. The following quiz involves the common and scientific names of bones. We will give you the common name and you need to give us the correct scientific term for that bone.

Which NASA programme produced the first spacecraft to successfully land on Mars and complete its mission?Thanks to all who took part in our Nature Trivia Quiz.

The winner was Jim Reisert, who was first to send in all 10 correct answers. Congrats to Jim, who wins a Nat Hab waist pack. Here below is the quiz once more, with the answers, plus a few additional details to boost your nature knowledge—and links to the adventures we offer in these exciting destinations that were featured in the questions.

Ring-tailed lemurs getting cozy. Photo from Manfred Richter at Pixabay. See lemurs plus a host of other rainforest wildlife on our fascinating expedition to Wild Madagascar. A: Bamboo.

quiz of 20 questions on nature with answers

The second-longest barrier reef lies off the coast of which country? A: Belizein Central America. Explore this tropical undersea realm, as well as fine white sand beaches and rainforest jungle replete with wildlife and brilliantly plumed birds, on our Ultimate Belize Nature Safari.

Which insect migrates annually from the northeastern U. A: The monarch butterfly —these gossamer-winged creatures fly by the hundreds of thousands to Mexico each fall, where they rest and breed in oyamel forests before heading northward again in the spring. Name it. A: The vast wetland is the Pantanal, less well known than the Amazon, but with an even denser concentration of wildlife! Name the archipelago Charles Darwin visited inwhose unique species prompted him to formulate his theory of evolution.

A: The Galapagos Islandsor at that time known as the Archipelago of Colon, which some respondents noted. Check out our slate of grand Galapagos adventures. Glacier Bay, AK. Photo credit: National Park Service. Whale shark swimming in the glimmer of light just below the surface.

Photo from pixabay. They spend so much hunting on the sea ice that biologists have decided they are marine mammals. A: They are all penguins!What type of creature is a Pacific Sea Wasp? What type of creature is a Tai Pan? What, on average is the longest snake in the world? Catadromous fish Which appropriately named animal, found in Central and South America, is the loudest land animal in the world?

Which are the largest remaining species of lizards in the world? Which bird is know as the laughing jackass? Which gaseous element forms the largest proportion of the earth's atmosphere? Which giant planet takes approximately Earth years to orbit the sun? Pluto Saturn Neptune Mars. Which has the longest lifespan Elephant Rhino Hippo Zebra.

Which is North America's only marsupial? Which is referred to as the Red Planet? Which is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust, and the third most abundant element of all? Aluminium Oxygen Silicon Zinc. Which is the only bird from which we get leather? Which is the only type of bird which can fly backwards? Which is the second planet from the sun? Which is the tallest living mammal? Which is the worlds longest type of grass? Which long-bodied, short-legged dog has the breed Cardigan Welsh?

We recommend TriviaRoo The Easy and Fun way to create a trivia night in minutes, save time, less hassle!

quiz of 20 questions on nature with answers

Scroll to the bottom to see the answers. Pluto Saturn Neptune Mars Neptune. Elephant Rhino Hippo Zebra Elephant. Aluminium Oxygen Silicon Zinc Aluminium.Kilkenny have had a much easier route, defeating Dublin, Westmeath, Wexford and Derry to get here.

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Limerick are strong favourites on the basis of their tougher route. While also they still possess six players from their All Ireland u-21 winning team of 2015. They have a number of players who are already established senior players, in particular Cian and Ronan Lynch.

These teams clashed in the All-Ireland minor final of 2014, with Kilkenny upsetting the odds and defeating the fancied Shannonsiders. Hopes are high down Noreside way that this side can kick start another period of Kilkenny dominance at senior level. What has impressed us so far is their point scoring ability. Senior players Richie Leahy and Liam Blanchfield have really impressed while they have serious options to use from the bench.

We believe that this has the potential to be a high scoring classic. Based on this, we will have a three-point stake on Kilkenny to score over 21. One thing for certain is that there will no love lost between the sides on Sunday. Tensions nearly bubbled over in the pre-match handshake last year while a war of words erupted after this years league final between both sets of management.

Both sides have lined out defensively in different games this year and have operated with a sweeper at times. We expect a very tight and tense affair. They will however, take confidence from the fact they ended a famine of 22 years without an All-Ireland last year. We believe their hopes will be badly dented if she does not play. If absent, we have a leaning towards Kilkenny but as it is nearly too close to call, we will have a 0.

The draws have been made for the 2018 Fitzgibbon and Sigerson Cup competitions for next season googletag. Home Become a Pundit. Hit List Rugby Irish Rugby European Rugby MMA Football English Football European Football Irish Football GAA Gaelic Football Hurling Other PA Long Reads googletag. Our tips are weighted from 1-5 with a 5 point stake being our max bet.

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Answers to Our Nature Trivia Quiz!

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